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honda prologue review

Honda Prologue Review: The Future or Just Hype?

Wondering if the upcoming Honda Prologue stakes a claim in the EV universe or falls short? Our critical Honda Prologue review investigates its 296-mile range, advanced tech, and driving feel.

Imperial Valley is home to EV skeptics and the enthusiasts alike, so we'll weigh the Prologue’s pros and cons, giving you facts you need to decide on Honda's powerful EV debutant. From charging times to road performance, find out if Honda’s best EV SUV is your next ride.

A Key Summary of the Honda Prologue's Benefits

  • The Honda Prologue is an electric SUV built on GM’s Ultium architecture aimed at combining Honda reliability with advanced EV capabilities

  • The Prologue goes up to 296 miles within its range and just 23 miles less through mid-trim AWD options.

  • With competitive pricing, the Prologue positions itself against key rivals like the Chevy Blazer EV and Nissan Ariya; Banking on Honda’s safety features and home electrification support.

  • The Prologue's infotainment console presents an 11.3-inch screen and tech integration with wireless Apple CarPlay and Android Auto.

  • The Prologue has a dependable and well-equipped EV future as an SUV suitable for everyday use and long-term electric driving over 100,000 miles through its 8-year battery warranty.

Introducing the All-New Honda Prologue

Honda Prologue cruising scenic highway by Pacific Ocean in California
The Honda Prologue can venture a long way from Imperial Valley with its near 300 mile range—perfect for ocean road trips.

In a fast-paced strategic partnership between Honda and General Motors, the Prologue has emerged as a great cross between Honda's reliability and GM's experience in electric vehicle technology.

Constructed on the solid foundation of GM's Ultium architecture, this electric SUV shares a lot in common with the Chevrolet Blazer EV SUV. It comes in either a single-motor front-wheel drive or a more potent dual-motor all-wheel drive, this two-row SUV offers a combination of adaptability and strength.

Honda's testing of the vehicle has shown that the standard model, outfitted with an 85-kWh battery pack, the Prologue Ex will achieve a driving range of 296 miles on a single charge— a competitive showing where contenders like the Ford Mustang Mach-E and Nissan Ariya are already vying for the top spot among electric SUVs.

The Prologue further promises an interior rich in comfort and cutting-edge features that could outdo competing models if it stands the test of time. Honda's track record for reliability makes it a safe bet, however!

The Prologue's Market Positioning and Unique Value

Comfort and fun are hallmarks of our OEM; Honda promotes the new Prologugue's seamless integration of both Apple CarPlay and Android Auto as a major draw for the tech-savvy driver—which drivers of Honda's internal combustion engine vehicles well know now and have known for decades.

The EV future of Honda is based on its seamless integrations of the past. And while you can rely on the build quality as you do other Hondas—you can learn more about how Imperial Valley Honda is getting ready for the EV revolution. The Prologue is where we take our confident first steps in this arena.

Balancing Comfort and Safety

As for Hondas, it’s not just about connectivity; it’s also about safety. The suite of HondaSensing features, including adaptive cruise control, peace of mind with key safety features like Forward Collision Alert and Lane Keep Assist—all position the Prologue as a safe ride as much as an economical and comfortable one.

Balancing Competitive And Value-Based Price

The Prologue positions itself competitively, sliding in below the starting price of the Blazer EV, with more room and stature than sedans and compacts like the Tesla Model Y and Nissan Ariya; its prices starting at just over $50,000 makes it competitive by EV SUV standards!

Balancing Honda Value with Shared Technology

Honda Prologue on adventure in northern Californian forest within its 281 mile range
Come down to Imperial Valley Honda to get your Prologue and join Honda's next chapter in EV history.

Honda customers at Imperial Valley are often familiar faces. banking on brand loyalty and the allure of branded Honda tech to justify its tag. Honda believes that its blend of advanced technology, signature Honda features, and competitive pricing will propel the Prologue forward in the game, but only time will tell if this model becomes the most popular Honda EV of all time!

Getting Started with the Prologue

Eager to hit the road with the Honda Prologue? Before you do, there’s a bit of prep work to ensure your electric journey is smooth sailing. The Honda Home Electrification program is standing by to assist you in choosing the right home charging setup, which is all part of embracing the EV lifestyle.

Starting Up the Prologue

Turning on the Honda Prologue is a simple, yet unique experience. Press the start button and you'll be greeted with a quiet hum instead of the roar you'd expect from a traditional engine. The dashboard lights up with an array of digital displays, providing all the information you need at a glance.

There's a subtle vibration as the electric motors come to life, signaling that the car is ready to go. It's a smooth and silent start, marking the beginning of a new kind of driving journey for Honda fans. You can also leverage a key fob activated remote start feature and get in once it's already running!

If you're parked on an incline wherever you are, you can disengage the automatic parking brake and cruise out silently, ready for a safe and comfortable journey.

Once you’re confident that all systems are go, you’re ready to experience what Honda promises as leap forward in electric transportation.

Aesthetics and Interior Build Quality

The Prologue cuts a nice visual profile on the road, its exterior styling showcasing Honda’s "neo-rugged" modern design concept. At 192 inches in length and 78.3 inches wide, this mid-size SUV encourages other drivers to give you the space you deserve.

Add to that the LED lighting, and the Prologue casts a contemporary glow, setting it apart from chevy parts and other electric SUVs. But it’s not merely about looks; the Prologue’s build quality comes with all of Honda's experience making vehicles that drivers respect.

Inside, you can expect quality and comfort. The Prologue offers:

  • Two-tone leather upholstery

  • Panoramic moonroof

  • Premium materials

  • Spacious cabin

These features showcase Honda’s dedication to creating a vehicle that’s as pleasing to the touch as it is to the eye. It’s this attention to detail that may very well set the Prologue apart for years in the EV market's future.

Interior of the Honda Prologue

Honda Prologue's gorgeous new sunroof on premium trim Elite trim
The Prologue showcases beautiful Honda interior design principles and familiar comforts as part of its next chapter in EV history.

Comfort and practicality define the new Honda Prologue. The interior features include:

  • Leather seating and a leather steering wheel for tactile pleasure and durability

  • 10-way power adjustable driver’s seat with power lumbar support for personalized comfort

  • Dual-zone climate control for customized microclimate—great for Imperial Valley.

  • Spacious interior for both driver and passengers,

The Prologue’s interior is designed to provide a haven of comfort for everyone on board. Rear-seat dwellers aren’t left wanting, with two USB-C charging ports and a 110-volt power outlet within arm’s reach, ensuring devices stay juiced up for the road ahead; your vehicle's 85 kWh battery can power all of your gadgets many, many times over!

And with cargo space always at a premium, the Prologue offers a 60/40 split rear seatback and a decently sized cargo space reaching up to 57.7 cubic feet in the base model. The Prologue gives you an EV and spaciousness—adapting to your needs whether you’re just getting groceries or fitting in longer and larger gear for a weekend getaway.

Tech Integration and User Interface

We've mentioned tech features already, but now that your imaginary test drive is well under way, it's time to be entertained and focused on your destination; the Honda Prologue offers a range of impressive features:

  • 11.3-inch center touchscreen

  • 11-inch digital instrument cluster

  • Heads up display

  • Wireless Apple CarPlay and Android Auto

  • Integrated Google Maps

These features create a digital ecosystem that’s both intuitive and responsive, offering a seamless bridge between your digital life and your drive. With the Honda Prologue, you’re never lost.

The Prologue’s infotainment system, powered by Google, offers quick access to the Google Assistant and a world of apps on Google Play and the App Store without ever having to lift your eyes from the road.

It’s this sort of software reliability that sets the Prologue apart in the automotive industry, positioning it as a vehicle that’s as smart and entertaining as it is capable. With driver assistance features at your fingertips and entertainment a voice command away, the Prologue’s tech suite is a user-friendly and all-too-familiar pleasure.

On the Road with the Prologue

Honda Prologue cornering at high speed on California coast with great acceleration due to a powerful battery
Come down to Imperial Valley Honda to get your Prologue and test drive its satisfying performance as soon as our inventory has what you're looking for.

Take the Prologue for a spin, and you’ll discover a vehicle that strives to balance precision and pleasure. With a multi-link suspension system and dynamic drive modes, including Sport for the Elite trim, the Prologue delivers a smooth and engaging ride.

Its confident handling offers a taste of the agility found in sports cars, with a natural fluidity in every turn. Whether you choose the front-wheel drive for efficiency or the all-wheel drive for enhanced traction, the Prologue adapts to your driving style.

While the rear motor of the all-wheel drive configuration promises to distribute power evenly, it may not deliver best-in-class performance some drivers crave, especially when compared to the likes of a Tesla with Plaid Plus—or other sport-oriented electric vehicles. Still, with horsepower approaching 300, you've still got a lot to work with.

Range Realities and Charging Times

Let’s talk range—an all-important metric in the world of electric vehicles. Honda's Prologue can cover up to 296 miles with front-wheel drive and 281 miles with all-wheel drive on a single charge.

Charging times are just as critical as driving range, and here the Prologue doesn’t disappoint. DC fast charging capabilities mean you can inject 65 miles of range in about 10 minutes—perfect for those pit stops on longer journeys.

And if you need a more substantial charge, you can go from 20% to 80% in just 35 minutes. It’s this kind of efficiency that could make the Prologue a serious contender for those considering a Tesla Model or other EVs with reputable battery life.

To sweeten the deal, Honda placed its Prologue battery into an 8-year or 100,000-mile warranty—a confident move. This commitment to battery life and reliability, represented by the Honda badge is something we can vouch for. It reassures owners of their range worries and encourages them embrace the freedom of electric driving with open arms.

Fast Charging Options

Honda Prologue using fast charger on third-party lot
Honda's next chapter in EV history involves making strategic alliances where it helps EV customers most. Our OEM is adopting NACS so your new Prologue from Imperial Valley Honda can go anywhere.

These figures are competitive, aiming to ease the so-called range anxiety that can deter potential EV adopters. But what about when the battery starts to dip?

Honda has you covered with multiple charging options, including access to major fast-charging networks, though you’ll need an adapter for NACS port Tesla Superchargers at first. Honda EVs are also currently adopting NACS.

Living with the Prologue

But what’s it like to live day-to-day with the Honda Prologue? It’s a question of balance and compromise. While the Prologue offers innovative features and a comfortable ride, it also presents a slightly more confined interior compared to its gas-guzzling cousins like the Honda Passport SUV.

This reduction in cargo capacity and passenger space, particularly headroom in the rear seats, might give pause to those accustomed to the sprawl of traditional SUVs. And while there's a lot to love about the Touring and Elite trims, they have less cargo and passenger space than the base trim, Ex.

Relying on the Prologue's Battery

Honda Prologue charging on a charger built through the Honda Home Electrification program.
Come down to Imperial Valley Honda to get your Prologue and join Honda's Honda Home Electrification program so you can charge with us, with Tesla, and even at home. Imagine filling up a Honda SUV with premium while you sleep...bye gas!

However, the Prologue does come with its own set of efficiency tricks that contribute to its range, EV's version of fuel economy. Innovations come into play here, however. Take the regenerative-braking paddle shifters, for instance, which allow drivers to recoup energy and extend their driving range.

It’s a nifty feature that adds a layer of engagement to the driving experience, encouraging efficient use of the vehicle’s electric charge. The Prologue may ask for some adjustments to expectations regarding space, but it compensates with features that promote a smart, sustainable driving lifestyle.

The Prologue's Future in the EV Marketplace

So where does the Prologue stand amid the electric vehicle notables? It’s an interesting question, as our sales advisors gear up to carve out a space between affordability and functionality for our customers as well as our OEM.

With a starting price for the range-topping Prologue Elite upwards of $58,000, it’s not the cheapest EV on the block, but it does offer a suite of features that may justify the investment, especially when pitted against the rest of the EV SUV market's leaderboard.

Moreover, potential eligibility for a $7,500 EV tax credit sweetens the pot, making the Prologue an enticing option for those looking for an EV SUV that doesn’t break the bank. with that much off, the price becomes that much more worth it.

Yet, the competition is always vying for attention. Each competitor brings its own mix of features, range, and price points to the table. The Prologue’s future success will depend on whether its blend of Honda reliability and electric efficiency resonates with consumers who have learned to trust Honda in the growing EV market.

Pre-Order the Honda Prologue at Imperial Valley Honda

Honda Prologues charging at a futuristic dealership representing Imperial Valley Honda.
Come down to Imperial Valley Honda to get your Prologue and join Honda's next chapter in EV history. Our sales advisors stand ready to get you up to speed on everything you'll need and what there is to love about this model.

The new Honda Prologue presents itself as a noteworthy contender in the EV arena. With its blend of Honda’s well-regarded safety systems and GM’s electric infrastructure, the Prologue seeks to offer a balanced package of style, technology, and performance—for good economy.

Ready to make the all-electric leap with the Honda Prologue? Get a head start on Honda's future by getting prequalified for a loan today. Ultimately, whether the Prologue is the future of driving or just a well-marketed hype will be up to consumers to decide as they weigh its attributes against other EVs.

Keep an eye on our new Honda vehicles soon, so you're primed for arrival—as soon as the Prologue hits the showroom floor. By then, we will all be itching to enjoy Honda's dramatic first note in the future of EVs.

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